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Las Vegas Life – December 2002

Ask any casino executive for an opinion on Steve Cyr, and the refrain likely will be the same: “He’s a pain in the ass.” But he’s an effective pain in the ass, which is why those same casino executives love it when Cyr shows up on their doorstep — that is, assuming he’s bringing in […]

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FHM – May 2001

Every Monday morning, high-roller host Steve Cyr used to take a private plane from Las Vegas to San Diego. There he would collect “Mr. C,” one of his wealthiest and most free-spending clients. Steve made sure Mr. C. was settled at the blackjack table by 9 am, and would have him home again by 4:45 […]

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Details – January 2001

It is 9:30 on a Friday morning in Las Vegas. In his stocking feet, Steve Cyr is pacing the mauve-carpeted floor of his home office, a shrine to his success, its walls papered with photos of Cyr doing the shake-and-smile with Larry Flynt, Michael Jordan, and Baron Hilton. A photocopy of a $59,000 commission check […]

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