THE NEW CASINO ENVIRONMENT — With the explosion of legalized gambling and a casino in virtually every state across the country, competition for players is stiff. Not to mention the fact that the world’s best gaming resort cities are spending millions of dollars each your out-building and out-marketing in order to capture their share of the pie. Each property wants their share of good players; each player wants their share of a good time. That’s why YOU NEED A COMPANY LIKE ISC Consulting. The ‘Dealer and Pitboss’ era has shifted. The person who holds the cards now is the Casino Host. The Casino Host is the opener and the closer and can literally make or break casino revenue.

THE ISC FORMULA — ISC Consulting is a unique business model that exploits the new casino environment. ISC Consulting is a network of independent high roller hosts who PAIR PLAYERS WITH PROPERTIES all around the world. It’s a strategic partnership set up to nurture long-term relationships between casinos and customers linked together by the integral ingredient — the Casino Host.

ISC Consulting’s success, in a word, can be defined by RELATIONSHIPS. These relationships are unparalleled and far-reaching. ISC Consulting’s circle of influence is virtually anyone who makes the town tick. Gamblers know that they can win or lose money in any casino. What makes the difference is their experience along the way. ISC Consulting and their hosts have the character and the connections to maximize that experience.

THE ISC CUSTOMER — Players want to have a good time. They want flexibility. They want freedom. They want the best bang for their buck. HIGH ROLLERS WILL FOLLOW GOOD CASINO HOSTS. ISC Consulting’s customers range from well-known celebrity gamblers including Michael Jordan and Larry Flynt to the most private whales in the world.

Bottom line: the profile of an H-SIX CUSTOMER IS A VERY SERIOUS GAMBLER. What distinguishes an ISC Consulting customer is not how much they’ll win in a casino but HOW MUCH THEY’RE WILLING TO RISK. ISC Consulting’s top ten players have an average bet of $60,000 a hand.

ISC Consulting’s biggest player sums up the customer experience: “Steve Cyr is a no pressure kind of guy, but he has a way of making you want to do things he wants you to do. He shows you what you can have if you play, and believe me, it’s something you don’t want to pass up,” says Ramy (high roller).

THE ISC CONSULTING CLIENTS AND CASINOS — ISC Consulting’s clients are progressive casino owners who value casino marketing and strong play levels above all else. They put their confidence in ISC Consulting because of the company’s ability to bring in high rollers.

Those who think it’s a conflict to have ISC Consulting representing more than one hotel are, unfortunately, maintaining a mind set as outdated as lounge acts and dinner shows. (If this is you, you may want to re-read the first section: The New Casino Environment.)

ISC Consulting looks at the needs of a casino and the desires of a particular gambler and makes a custom fit. As with any Casino Host, ISC Consulting’s loyalty is always with the house. To his client’s satisfaction, Steve Cyr’s motto is “I Want Winners! ISC Consulting clients are risk takers.”

ISC Consulting’s client roster includes all ends of the spectrum: from the hippest Vegas property Hard Rock Hotel, to new California casinos, to the highest limit casinos in the world like Atlantis.

Steve has been known to promise a client a million dollar player his first day on the job. He delivers. Casinos employ ISC Consulting through a number of ways: on retainer, on commission, as consultants, motivational speakers or to simply light the fire in their casino marketing department.

Steve Cyr

Steve Cyr

ISC Services Include:

  • How to find players and generate leads
  • Tips and techniques on cold calling the casino customers
  • Changing ‘objections’ into ‘blessings’
  • How to develop listening skills
  • Improvements to merchandising and apparel
  • Marketing your property
  • Increasing casino play
  • Improving casino slot clubs and promotions
  • Employee motivational sessions
  • Practices for successful telemarketing